19 de Março, 2019 Partilha Reservada

MR VRG is an Recording Artist and Producer at Sixpack Entertainment. VRG is an none existing Abbreviated Word (VeRaGoma) which means “To create something out of nothing” and Hello Lefatsi! as it’s Tag Started recording music in 2013 but been writing lyrics from the age of 8. My first single to be released was a freestyle called I’m all Me in 2014, then I followed by releasing a single with Mapule from Orange farm called Stolen soul,these songs all did good through social media and downloads but this is where I took it a step further and I decided to learn more about music and the music industry. So I took time off and I was busy enhancing the skill of music from production to vocals recording and knowing more about PR its use and importance.

So since then I’ve never released any music before but been doing shows performing and working with other artists who are familiar with my sound through studio sessions
So now since I know a bit more about the industry and having a plan that I have I’m ready to take on the world and put my craft out there. I believe I’ve grown as an artist and I’m mentally ready for the music industry.
 over these past few years since 2014 I’ve done 4 Albums all not released but been performing some songs of the other album called Inertia…
Inertia will be the first album I will release…date not yet confirmed since I need to start building a fan base first. I have a long list of singles one of them which I released on Slikour On Life on the 23 of February 2019 the song is doing good on the streets and downloads This song is called Hello Lefatsi which I featured one of the Best rappers in the vaal Leqhwa Man Ice. Hello Lefatsi is my tag every song has that tag from all my Beats to all the songs and features.
I’ve been featured as a producer on few tapes before recently finished producing 5 beats for K boy on his ExpressionZ EP…which is now touring Kasi to Kasi from Free State to Botswana and Gauteng and I’m also one of the highlighting Performing Acts on the tour.
I’ve worked with artist such as Left Ear, Lyric, Caustizzi, Poetic Mbal’z, Raw Beats and I’ve shared a stage with talented artists like Anzo my next big gig is happening on the 20 of April 2019 and the Easter Madness Party Happening In the Vaal tickets available at computicket where I will be sharing a stage with a globally well know artist Blacklez him-self.
I’m inspired by people who make things possible out of the impossible such as Tery Pheto from Evaton, Trevor Noah, Rebecca Malope, Sjava and the legendary Celine Dion.
I am MR VRG and this is my first page in my Oddyssey.